Why a PAC?

Cancer care takes place in an ever more complex and regulated environment. Misdirected government regulatory policy and poor decisions by managed care organizations and pharmacy benefit managers create real harm to patients battling care. Cancer providers must not only take care of the clinical needs of our patients. We now must ensure that the cancer care framework supports high quality, access, and patient choice.

The Conquering Cancer PAC is a nonpartisan political action committee (PAC)— we support engagement with policymakers to maintain the integrity of the cancer care delivery process.

Cancer is the ultimate non-partisan issue. It touches all of us: friends, neighbors, family, and even ourselves. Therefore, fighting cancer is not partisan politics. In an era of increasing political polarization, we can all leave partisan politics behind to fight one of humanity’s greatest perils.

How can community oncology professionals ensure their patients and practices avoid feeling the burdens of misinformed legislation and regulatory action?


Pool resources and advocate with one voice.


Make a tangible and positive impact on the political process.


Grow a bipartisan presence in Washington, DC.


Without a strong PAC, community oncology risks losing a seat at the table.

The CC PAC is one of the most effective ways to make an impact on the political process. Through the PAC, we support the election and continued service of members of Congress who are receptive to our concerns, understand our issues, and support our success and the success of our patients.

Active political engagement is vital to protecting our patients and practices from burdensome legislation and overreaching regulatory action. The CC PAC is the easiest way to do that.


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Our Goals

  • Expand access to low-cost screening
  • Protect access to affordable, high-quality health care for all patients
  • Protect doctor-patient decision-making
  • Reduce cost and address barriers to treatment, such as precluding specialty drug tiers and protocols that require step therapy
  • Remain committed to funding research

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